Not Suitable for Children, Pregnant/breastfeeding Women

Toxins affect many physical & mental conditions; asthma, cancer, psychological impacts. Nutritional Therapy activates the body's own detoxification processes, strengthens the body’s immune system so that toxic imbalances no longer occur.  Meaning that Detox or Detoxification removes toxic or toxin substances as a form of body cleansing from the human body.


Our Integrated 3-Stage-Detox is safe & long lasting. We effectively remove bacteria/toxins, repair/rebuild body cells and facilitate the body to continue rebuilding.                                

Fruit_vegtables_healthy_foodsToxins are substances that can interfere with the normal processes of the body through interference with enzymes, blockages of cellular transport mechanisms, oxidative damage, blockage of receptor sites and/or blockage of nutrient absorption. A major source of toxicity for most people is their digestive system. Foods, if not digested correctly, can become fuel for the growth of dysbiotic organisms. These organisms produce toxic chemicals and, when they die, fragments of their cell membranes can be absorbed into the blood stream and trigger an inflammatory response. Toxins affect many physical and psychological conditions such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD, cancer, depression, among others.


There are a number of products for detoxification of toxins in the body on the market, and advertised by the media. Unfortunately these products are accessible to everyone in equal doses, regardless of one’s physical and/or mental health status. However we are all individuals with individual needs; detoxification programs should be designed for our specific needs, taking into consideration ill health or medical conditions.


Our bodies have several mechanisms to protect against toxins, but these defence mechanisms may become impaired, often as a result of being overloaded by toxic material. Nutritional Therapy activates the body's own detoxification processes and strengthens the body’s immune system so that toxic imbalances won't occur in the future. 

For those over 30 years old experiencing one or more of the following symptoms a full detox would be recommended:
  •    Fatigue, lethargy and/or apathy
  •    Difficulty concentrating, poor short/long term memory
  •    Recurrent headaches
  •    Muscle aching and weakness
  •    Recurrent infections
  •    Autoimmune disease
  •    Allergies
  •    Depression, anxiety and/or mood swings
  •    Inflammatory bowel diseases
  •    Poor digestion, bloating, reflux and excessive flatulence
  •    Reproductive disorders
  •    Chronic fatigue syndrome


An Integrated Detoxification Program is recommended.  jogger_runner_detoxification_better_health

Depending on the health conditions impacting on your well being our REAL THERAPIES CLINIC Nutritionist will recommend either:


This is a program for people who have not previously completed a full Detox program.                                                                      

  • Stage 1:

Remove “unfriendly (bad) bacteria” and toxic matter from the digestive system.

  • Stage 2:

focuses on repairing and rebuilding the digestive lining, supporting the kidneys, and alkalising the body.

In this stage, you will also be helping re-populate the digestive system with “friendly bacteria (good probiotics).


  • Stage 3:

focuses on supporting the liver and helping the body release toxins more effectively.


Depending on the severity of the impacting conditions, the length of this program may vary from 2 ½ to 4 months.  



QUICK DETOXIFICATION: People who’s general health is good but have over-indulged recently (e.g. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter or Holidays), and clients who have previously completed a full detox and want to keep extremely fit and healthy by choosing an annual or bi-annual “spring clean”.