is defined as active measures to decrease the incidence of cancer. Greater than 30% of cancer may be preventable by avoiding risk factors including:  tobacco, overweight, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, among many others. Possible prevention takes considerable, conscious effort, but then, aren’t we worth more effort than that of servicing our cars? If you have been diagnosed with cancer, enhance your treatment with naturopathic therapies.


Cancer (or tumorigenesis) is the mutation of DNA into harmful cancer cells or the formation of tumours that divert blood and nutrient supply from healthy tissues in order to feed themselves. This may be caused by a number of factors from our external environment. Certain high frequency radiation, like radiation from uranium-rich soil, ionising radiation (IR) from x-ray machines and ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun are also major concerns for cancer. Other health risks are smoking, ingestion of carbonaceous materials, excessive use of certain drugs and alcohol, psychological stress, cellular phone use, asbestos exposure, electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, and nuclear facility exposure. The list goes on....


For example; Tobacco is the single, largest preventable cause of cancer in the world today. It causes 80-90% of all lung cancer deaths, and about 30% of all cancer deaths in developing countries, including deaths from cancer of the oral cavity, larynx, oesophagus and stomach (WHO (World Health Organisation). In fact The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, adopted in May 2003, aims to curb tobacco-related deaths and disease altogether.


So avoiding cigarettes, minimising alcohol, and getting regular exercise are a great start to an anti-cancer lifestyle. But to best support good health, we need to look at our eating habits. What we eat (and don’t eat) has a powerful effect on our health, including the possible risk of cancer. Without knowing it, we might be eating foods that may fuel cancer, while neglecting the powerful foods and nutrients that can possibly help protect us. By changing our diet and eating habits, we can minimise our risk of disease and possibly even stop or slow down cancer in its tracks.


healthy_fruit_food_assortmentThe best diet for preventing or fighting disease, including cancer, is a predominantly plant-based diet that includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes. The less processed these foods are and  stripped of their nutrients, or otherwise altered from the way they came out of the ground, the better.


There are many ways to add plant-based foods to your diet. Focusing on adding “whole” foods, which are foods close to their original form, and a variety of foods from the whole range of colours of the fresh food spectrum would be a perfect start. Our REAL THERAPIES CLINIC Nutritionist will take you through a journey of discovering natural foods and supplements, relaxation and exercise techniques, and psychological and physical skills enhancement exercises. Your clinician will also encourage your input in devising your  treatment plan to suit your individuality, with the ultimate goal being to achieve optimal health and fitness and retain it for the long term.