Our in-house psychologist/coach will help you to understand the psychological impacts on health conditions and how that may hinder a speedy recovery. With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling Psychology we design your Treatment Plan together, deal with 'Bumps in the Road' and emotional/interpersonal triggers that come along during your health management process.  We then devise a Maintenance Plan to enhance your long-term management and success over time.   


Our Psychological therapy is based on the Biopsychosocial model; a conceptual model that assumes that psychological, environmental and social factors must also be included with biological factors in gaining a comprehensive understanding of a client's medical conditions. This often involves education regarding eating habits, assisting clients to learn about their eating patterns and beliefs, and provide strategies to help change attitudes and behaviours, while increasing motivation and self efficacy. Building self-esteem, improving self-awareness, enhancing social functioning, effective problem solving and goal setting are all part of a tailored, individual program to help our clients increase adherence to a healthy lifestyle change and manage their symptoms more effectively.


The success of your program to improve health, fitness and vitality involves psychological wellbeing to remain focused in adhering to your program to ensure long term success. Daily stressors - the kind we think we can handle - can eventually overwhelm us, causing anxiety, depression, poor motivation, and negatively impact on our adherence to a better health program. Together we will devise an intervention program to help develop skills to manage issues more effectively, while also working with our Nutritionist to start your total health and wellbeing makeover.


Taking care of your body is also a powerful and important step towards mental and emotional health. The mind and the body are linked. When you improve your physical health, you’ll automatically experience greater mental and emotional well-being. For example, exercise not only strengthens our heart and lungs, but also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals that energise us and lift our mood. The activities you engage in and the daily choices you make affect the way you feel physically and emotionally. REAL THERAPIES CLINIC includes all these considerations in your personalised program.


To ensure that changes are maintained over time, treatment also focuses on relapse prevention, providing individuals with the skills necessary to manage possible setbacks in the future.