In August 2010 ROBERTO'S initial questionnaire and consultation at his Real Therapies Clinic highlighted so many of the problems I was having and his Live Blood Analysis and Iridology screening visibly showed me what was going on in my body – Fascinating.  Even though I was eating 'good' foods my digestion was poor (thus bloating etc) thus my body's absorption of any nutrition was minimal.  Since making changes to my diet the difference has been remarkable. No more mood fluctuations once my blood sugar was stabilised, no more random snacking, no more feelings of exhaustion and  lethargy, especially in the afternoons. Best of all, I've consistently lost a few kilos every month. And the best part is that the process has been so easy – simply a lifestyle change and an understanding of what foods and preservatives can do to you.
                                                                                                                                                            Milovan P., Kellyville NSW 2155

"I first started attending Real Therapies Clinic in January 2010. Roberto and Elisabeth have helped me to pay attention to my body and to take care of myself from not only a nutritional standpoint, but also from the aspect of my emotional and psychological health. I have never felt so healthy and contented in my ability to self manage my own well being. I am now on a six monthly maintenance program which is keeping me fit and healthy; I am positively glowing."
                                                                                                                                                            Georgina S., Parramatta, NSW 2150

"I started to see Roberto on 29th April 2010 because of  Type 2 Diabetes. My sugar levels were above 13 every day and I was very concerned as they seemed to be increasing, as was the medication. However by September 2010 the reading was steady at 8 each day. Now on a daily basis my blood sugar is on average 4-6mmol/L and I have lost 8 kilos so far, without discomfort or effort. Roberto has helped me to devise a personalised dietary and lifestyle program to suit my intense work obligations and busy family life, as well as prescribing various herbs and supplements. My blood sugar readings have dropped which has allowed me to control this health problem and reduce my medication from 3 tablets daily to one tablet each day. I am now on a monthly maintenance plan which is keeping me on track and helps me to find new and interesting recipes so I don't get bored”.
                                                                                                                                                              Leba H., Blacktown, NSW 2148

I had constant, severe headaches, severe PMT causing anxiety and depressive symptoms, was constantly tired and bloated for many years. In January 2010 a friend from my Church recommended me to Roberto's practice. Thanks to Roberto and going on his fantastic detox program I lost weight, my headaches ceased and I was able to control my anxiety with ease. Within 6 months my mood swings have ceased and I feel full of energy. My children have adopted my dietary program too and I have seen behavioural changes that I can only put down to the more healthy lifestyle. I am very happy with the individualised program I have and Roberto is constantly adding to, or updating my plan to ensure optimum health. Roberto is also open to questions and is never too busy to answer emails or phone calls if I want clarification of anything. My whole family now sees Roberto and we have all have a very healthy.

Natalie B., Winston Hills NSW 2153