Changing your Diet and Lifestyle can have profound health benefits but there is so much information around, much of which is conflicting, how do you know who to trust? At the


REAL THERAPIES CLINIC our therapists are highly trained professionals who can help you change the way you eat with practical, realistic advice, tailored to the individual.


REAL THERAPIES Clinicians offer:

•  One-on-one Consultations
•  Family Wellness Consultations
•  Iridology Screening
•  Psychological support


We start with prescribed natural, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, once diagnoses and conditions are confirmed, often facilitated through collaboration with medical and pathological practitioners.


Correct nutrition can also help many of the conditions that we have included in the information below. In addition, a spontaneous improvement is often found in cases of digestion and bloating, fertility issues, menopause symptoms, increased energy levels, reduced stress and improved skin problems. Advice covers both diet and supplements and, in most cases, we can make a significant improvement in your health in the first 3 months.


Why is Our REAL THERAPIES CLINIC different to other clinics? Not only do we help you optimise your health and nutrition but we have a psychologist to help you deal with any changes you experience to your health, as well as dealing with the stressors and challenges on the way. This may include intervention for personal barriers that are impacting on your life, motivation, support and practical guidance, and is aimed to increase your overall health and positive attitude to life.


We also have an exercise specialist to help guide you through any suggested exercise program.  Once you are comfortable with your personalised program to gain optimum health, you will feel that you have the resources and knowledge to confidently take charge of your journey to total fitness.